Dancers and Dreamers Dress Code and Etiquette

(Ages 2-5)

Dancers and Dreamers Dress Code


3-5 Year COMBINATION CLASSES: Leotard worn with either pink tights or white bobby socks. Mary Jane tap shoes and pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirts and leg warmers are permitted. Hair is to be pulled away from the face in a ponytail or bun. Bun holders and bows are permitted.


5-7 Year BALLET/TAP COMBINATION CLASSES: Solid leotard, ballet pink footed tights, pink split-sole leather ballet slippers, and black tap shoes. Ballet skirts and leg warmers are permitted. Hair is to be pulled away from the face in a ponytail or bun. Bun holders are permitted.


ELEMENTARY BALLET: Plain solid black, pink, or light blue leotard, ballet pink “transition” or “convertible” tights, and pink split sole leather ballet shoes. Hair must be in a bun and students may use a bun holder with the use of hair pins. No jewelry, leg warmers, skirts or shirts are permitted in class.

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CLASS ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE:  We ask that all students must arrive on time, dressed in appropriate attire (see dress code).  Out of courtesy and respect for their teachers and classmates, students arriving late should stand just inside the door of the studio until invited to participate in class. Depending on how much of the class they have missed, the teacher may, in order to prevent injury, ask the student to observe class that day. Once class begins, students cannot leave class without first getting permission from the teacher.

DRESS CODE & CHANGING:  All students, regardless of age, need to change in the dressing room.  Restroom stalls should be left available for those that need to use the restroom.  Dancers not dressed in the right attire, or without the proper shoes, may be unable to take class.  This decision will be left to the teacher’s discretion.

All students, regardless of age, are asked to wear season appropriate cover-ups when entering or exiting the building.  In cold weather, dancers should cover up their bodies to protect their muscles from injury and sickness.  Dance shoes should not be worn outside.  Not only will it ruin these shoes and wear them out more quickly, it will also damage the dance floor.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS:  All personal belongings – dance bags, school bags, water bottles, etc. – need to be taken into the classroom with the student so that nothing is left unattended in the lobby.  All items should be stored in cubbies when possible or neatly along the floor by the cubbies; never under the barre or in the middle of the floor.

STUDIO CARE:  There is NO food, drink, or chewing gum allowed in any of the studios at any time. Self-sealing water bottles are acceptable.

IN THE LOBBY:  Students are asked to pick up after themselves and to cooperate fully with keeping the building clean. All students are encouraged to eat any food or snacks in the bistro/common area and throw away any trash afterward.  We ask that dancers be respectful and mindful of others and keep a quiet environment for those who may be focusing on their studies in between classes.

OBSERVATION WINDOWS:  Parents and students are welcome to view classes through the observation windows.  Please be respectful of the class going on.  Students in class should not engage with anyone out in the hallway or in another classroom through the observation windows during class.  Focus should be on their teacher and the class they are in.

ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOR:  All students should be courteous to each other and respectful of all parents, faculty and staff.  Remember that everyone has come to train, and all are expected to direct their full energies to their studies (not just dance classes), maintain self-discipline, and a positive attitude. The training to become a performing artist is a complicated matter of juggling your mind, body and spirit. This process can leave you open and vulnerable.  There is never any reason to discuss anyone’s progress but your own. Any dancer who participates in starting rumors or is engaged in any type of malicious behavior or bullying of any kind will risk the possibility of being invited out of class.  This includes, but is not limited to, discussions in class, in the lobby and anything posted on social media.

COMMUNICATION:  If there is an issue of any kind or something that you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask your teacher.  Communication is key to your growth and success.