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The Dancers & Dreamers program is designed expressly for imaginative 2-5 year old princesses, pirates, super heroes, movie stars, and fairies. Here dreams are realized as focus, practice and imagination result in confidence and achievement. Each class encourages students to champion their inherent talents, identify who they believe they can be, and create a memorable performance of which they can be proud.

In addition to our popular and foundational Combo classes, already comprised of classic pre-ballet, jazz, and tap, the Dancers & Dreamers courses are Classic Combo, Funky Monkeys, & Fairytale Ballet. Designed to meet the unique needs of our youngest students, each will enter a world of limitless imagination and creativity while learning dance vocabulary and techniques with set goals and specific curriculum.

Sign up online or call the studio at 512.215.8727 to enroll. SEE BELOW to learn about the wide variety of classes offered for Dancers and Dreamers.


Tiny dancers will be building strength, flexibility, motor skills, counting and storytelling while being introduced to the elements of tap and ballet technique and vocabulary. They will gain confidence as they learn how to dance to the beat of the music and understand how to follow directions and class etiquette within a structured classroom environment.

Attire: Ballet Shoes, Tap Shoes, Leotard and Tights (no specific color) for girls,  T-shirt and leggings for boys.



Themed, whimsical pre-ballet class where favorite familiar tales are used to learn movement and characterization. Among other curriculum milestones, dancers will learn classroom structure, etiquette and ballet terminology.

Attire: Ballet Shoes, Leotard and Tights (no specific color) for girls,  T-shirt and leggings for boys.



Jump and Tumble through the basics of acrobatics! Dancers will toss and tumble, cartwheel and roll, while being introduced to strong dance elements. They will work on core and upper body strength, coordination, stretching, and finding the beat and rhythm within the music, as well as class etiquette and structure.

Attire: Bare Feet, Leotard and Shorts or biketard (no specific color) for girls, T-shirt and shorts or biketard for boys.


Prima Ballerina

Prima Ballerina is a class designed for our Dancers and Dreamers who are ready to transition into ballet level one. It is also a great class for students who have never taken a ballet class before to jump in and learn the basics before starting Level one ballet. Students should be six years old by August 17th 2020. If your student does not meet the age requirement, please reach out to Ms Ashley to discuss if this class would be a good fit:

Attire: Ballet Shoes, Leotard and Tights (no specific color) for girls,  T-shirt and leggings for boys.


Welcome to our Dancers and Dreams program! Your tiny dancer will twirl, tiptoe and leap into fun filled dance classes that explore the fundamentals of three different dance genres. Each class, your dancer will learn a new skill and track their progress with their very own dance passport. Once they have completed the curriculum they will receive a personalised certificate and graduate to the next colorful level!

Which Level should my dancer attend

Each level takes roughly three months to complete and when the class graduates, the level advances. There is no need to change class time or date upon graduation, for example if your dancers enrolls in August into the Monday 4pm Purple level, in january the class will remain at the same time and day, they will just start the Blue shoe curriculum in January.

When choosing a class, first choose a level that most describes your dancers experience. Then look for the appropriate age. 


Purple- participating in Spring Recital May 2020.

Green- Participating in Spring Recital May 2020 AND Winter Show December 2019.