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Our Mission

Mission Statement: Creating Balance by using dance training as a means through which to not only create exceptional dancers, but to build character and teach valuable life lessons.

Core Values

Client/student experience/culture:

Our commitment to proactive customer service and delivery of a WOW experience at every touch point to all audiences (students, parents, vendors, staff, etc) creates a warm and welcoming culture and a family friendly environment that is positive and enthusiastic, affirming to dancers of all ages, instilling confidence, and considering the unique giftedness of each one. Furthermore, we invest in the professional development and job satisfaction of our teachers and staff and work to finesse the programming to suit the needs and requests of our dance family.

Passionate performance:

We are committed – heart, body, and mind – to continuous forward momentum and innovative programming, and this drives us to energize, engage, and empower our students to take risks, reach beyond existing boundaries, experiment and find new ways to grow. The integrity behind our training is demonstrated in our students’ executional excellence and quality. What we do, we do well. We master fundamentals and keep growing/evolving. Through relational longevity, our students are shown and can pursue a progressive path, whether just recreational or competitive.


We seek to pay it forward. We practice continual gratitude for all we have been given and strive to give back through various means, including granting dance scholarships (Bestow Balance), providing residency/rehearsal space for local dance artists, and serving as a campus location for differently abled dance classes.



We strive for constant improvement and seek to deliver our very best in all that we do. We lead by example, building teams and strategic partnerships to collaborate with and help strengthen the connectedness of the greater Austin dance community.