Dance & Performance Companies

at Balance Dance Studios

Elevate Dance Company

Youth ensemble training multi-talented students in theater dance, stage acting, and vocal performance.  Students perform many times in a variety of venues across the city and produce an entire show which is performed in the Bravo black box theater.  The show highlights learned pieces as well as student choreography and improv.  Students commit to 4 hours per week (2 hours of dance, 1 hour of voice and 1 hour of acting) under the direction of 3 specialized coaches in each area for a true “triple threat” experience!

Underground Krew

A performance group that will give a full access look into what goes into a successful performer and team member. For ages 7-18, this group will have the opportunity to perform at various events, competitions, and dance conventions.


IGNITE Dance Company combines the joys of being on a competitive dance team with the freedom and flexibility to maintain other activities. This team only requires 3.5 hours of class at the highest level, one day per week, but dancers are encouraged to take as many as they can, in addition to their minimum requirements. They are only required to attend two competitions per season, in addition to participation in their own team showcase. They also have the opportunity to perform in Balance Dance Studios’ winter show and spring recitals. Ignite members are welcome to join the studio at as many other optional studio events as they would like. Ignite Dance Company offers newer dance members a great way to dip their toes into the competition world, as well as an opportunity for advanced dancers who may want to take a step back from rigorous training, or participate in other companies at the studio. We are serious about our training and require our students to “bring the passion, and leave the pressure behind.”

Austin Youth Classical Ballet

Austin Youth Classical Ballet stands as an offering to all students seeking a rigorous pre-professional ballet company experience.
As a company, Austin Youth Classical Ballet strives to provide more in depth ballet training which directly complements its dancers weekly class work. Company dancers will have more performative and competitive opportunities than those on a recreational path.

Dana' Washington
Both my daughters go and enjoy!
S. Mar.
My daughter loves her teachers and the choreographies they put together. I like the girls in the office and how easy is to communicate with them. We love Balance Studios!
Lynn Peterson (Slow Down Fitness)
Jam with Andi is ALWAYS a blast!!! Love the class!?♥️?????♥️????
Charlene Solomon
I came here just for adult classes and they are awesome! I haven't been in over a year because I moved out of state but I have not found any studio remotely close in adult dance options and quality of instructors.
Robin Mims
Professional clean organized very nice dance studio
Kelly Thomas
We found a forever dance home in 1day! Extremely nice staff and beautiful facility. Great instructors. ?
Danielle Cortier
Staff very friendly. Nice facility