Balance Dance Studios is so proud to present our 2020 recital showcase!

The information you are about to read is very important. It contains detailed information you will need regarding costumes, dress rehearsals, show day, tickets, pictures, etc. Please read carefully and mark your calendars with important dates and times. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us – info@balancedancestudios.


2/24 – 2/29 Parent observation week at BDS (plan to attend the last 25 minutes of class for important recital information from the instructors.)
3/13 Trophy orders due ORDER HERE
4/13 Shout-out & Business ad submissions due for program
5/14 & 5/15 Recital pictures will be taken at dress rehearsal
5/14  4:00pm Over the Rainbow – dress rehearsal – at Life Austin at 8901 TX-71, Austin, TX 78735
5/14  6:00pm Paquita – dress rehearsal – at Life Austin at 8901 TX-71, Austin, TX 78735
5/15  5:00pm Paint Your Canvas – dress rehearsal – at Life Austin at 8901 TX-71, Austin, TX 78735

RECITAL DAY – at Life Austin at 8901 TX-71, Austin, TX 78735

Over the Rainbow –  10:30am

Paquita Ballet – 1:30pm

Paint Your Canvas – 4:30pm

5/18 – 5/23 Last week of classes at Balance Dance Studios

ATTENDANCE  Attendance this semester is extremely important for recital participants. Each of our lovely dancers is a vital instrument for the piece their class is preparing to perform. All dancers must be present weekly in order for them to successfully rehearse choreography, timing, formations, and staging. This is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to experience and learn from working as a team and how gratifying that can be when it all comes to life on stage! 

COSTUMES Costumes are arriving, and we are so excited! We will be sending out notification before your dancer’s costume pick up class. Please be available to come in the last 20 minutes of the specified class to help your dancer try on the costume and sign off on it. Another adult/guardian may come in your place to sign off and take home the costume if needed.

Please make sure you are 100% satisfied with the fit of your dancer’s costume, and keep in mind that these costumes are not made to each dancer’s custom measurements; if any minor alterations need to be made, they will be at your expense. Any alterations for sizing that you deem necessary can be done (at your expense) as long as this does not alter the look of the costume. 

Once you take your costume home, there will be no refunds, returns, exchanges or replacements. If the costume does not fit to the extent that a new size must be ordered, then please communicate this to your instructor, and/or the front desk administrator, and they can inform our Recital Costume Manager so an exchange can be attempted. Please do not sign off or take home the costume if it needs to be exchanged. All costumes must be signed out before taking home; if you are unable to attend the class the day of, you can easily get it during the next class or from the front desk during their office hours. 

RECITAL PROGRAM   We will be offering our annual souvenir program at this year’s spring recital. The program features glossy, full-color pages and the opportunity to create your own personalized dancer ad! Family members and friends can place “shout-outs” in the program. These can be as simple as a one-line “shout-out” or you can completely customize your “shout-out” with a picture and personalized message.  

Shout-Out Order Form  &  Business Order Form  ** DUE APRIL 13th**

Please review the spelling of your dancer’s name in Studio Director, as this is how it will be printed in the program. If it IS correct, no further action is needed. If it is NOT correct, or you would like to see it listed differently, you can access your account HERE. If you do not have your login information, click on the “forgot your password?” link. When prompted, please provide your email address and a link to reset your account password. If the system does not recognize your email address, and you have tried additional email addresses you have provided in the past to Balance Dance Studios, please contact our front desk at, and we will be happy to help guide you. 

RECITAL TICKETS Four tickets are provided as part of your recital fee (six if you have more than one dancer performing in recital). Extra tickets are $15 each. Tickets will be available to pick up at the front desk the week prior to the show. Any unclaimed tickets will be available at will call in the lobby on the day of the show.

PICTURES  We will be taking group pictures at the dress rehearsal after your dancer performs. (Please note: parents will not be accompanying their dancer into the actual photo session for group photos.) Only dancers and BDS Staff will be allowed into the room for the group photo session. Opportunities for individual pictures will be available as well. Picture order forms will be available at the front desk in May, and at dress rehearsal.

DRESS REHEARSAL  Important information pertaining to class-specific call times will be announced as the date approaches. Please read all upcoming recital specific emails.

RECITAL VIDEOS   As part of your recital fee, each family will now receive a professional video download of your dancer’s show for you to view, stream and download to save on any device or disc/usb. Show off your favorite dancer right from your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV, etc.  Video download links will be emailed as soon as they are available.   

TROPHIES  Every year, we offer commemorative trophies at recital to mark the completion of another year at BDS for your dancers. This year, trophies will only be available on a PRE-ORDER basis. There is NO cost to you to pre-order a trophy. Trophies will be available for pick-up in the auditorium lobby on recital day. The Pre-Order deadline is March 13th! ORDER TROPHIES HERE

RECITAL GIFTS We will have beautiful, fresh rainbow and red rose bouquets and assorted plushes available for purchase at recital, so you can surprise your favorite dancer without making an extra stop! Gifts and concessions will be available for purchase in the lobby all day at the recital.

UPDATES  Additional May Recital information and updates will be emailed and updated on our website. Please make it your responsibility to keep abreast of this important information. It’s a team effort; students, parents, teachers, and the directors are key players in the show’s success. 

2020 recital is going to be amazing, and your kids will be working hard all semester to prepare for this exciting performance opportunity. We can’t wait for you to see them shine!

The BDS Team

Below is a list of participating classes in each of the shows. This is NOT the show order.


Over the Rainbow – Dancers & Dreamers (Ages 2-5) 

Day Start Time Class Ages Instructor
Monday 10:00 AM Classic Combo 3-4 Ashley Rothwell
Monday 4:00 PM Classic Combo 4-5 Kelsy Leyendecker
Monday 4:00 PM Classic Combo 2-3 Jackie Courchene
Monday 4:00 PM Funky Monkey 4-5 Jairus Carr
Monday 6:00 PM Fairytale Ballet 4-5 Kenah Fuller
Tuesday 4:00 PM Classic Combo 4-5 Ashley Rothwell
Wednesday 3:00 PM Funky Monkey 4-5 Jairus Carr
Wednesday 4:30 PM Classic Combo 4-5 Kenah Fuller
Wednesday 5:00 PM Fairytale Ballet 4-5 Amanda Howes
Thursday 10:00 AM Classic Combo 2-3 Amanda Howes
Thursday 11:00 AM Classic Combo 4-5 Amanda Howes
Thursday 3:00 PM Classic Combo 3-4 Ashley Rothwell
Thursday 4:00 PM Fairytale Ballet 4-5 Ashley Rothwell
Saturday 9:00 AM Classic Combo 3-4 Kenah Fuller
Saturday 9:00 AM Classic Combo 2-3 Courtney Edgerton
Saturday 9:00 AM Funky Monkey 3-4 Jairus Carr
Saturday 10:00 AM Classic Combo 2-3 Kenah Fuller
Saturday 10:00 AM Fairytale Ballet 4-5 Courtney Edgerton
Saturday 10:00 AM Funky Monkey 4-5 Jairus Carr
Saturday 11:00 AM Classic Combo 4-5 Kenah Fuller
Monday 5:00 PM Fireflies  4-6 Kelsy Leyendecker


Paquita – Ballet 

Day Start Time Class Instructor
Wednesday 4:00 PM Ballet L2 Hannah Woolridge
Tuesday 5:00 PM Ballet L3 Rachel Culver
Thursday 6:00 PM Ballet L2 Hannah Woolridge
Tuesday 4:00 PM Ballet L1 Hannah Woolridge
Thursday 4:00 PM Ballet L1 Kelsy Leyendecker
Thursday 5:00 PM Ballet L1 Hannah Woolridge
Wednesday 5:00 PM Ballet L4 Rachel Culver
Thursday 6:00 PM Ballet L3 Dylan Hesser
Tuesday 4:00 PM Ballet L2 Rachel Culver
Monday 4:00 PM Ballet L2 Rachel Culver


Paint Your Canvas – Variety Show (Ages 6-18)

Day Start Time Class Ages Instructor
Monday 5:00 PM Boys Hip Hop 6-8 Daniel Broxton
Monday 4:00 PM Acro L2 9-11 Nikki Blankenship
Monday 4:00 PM Hip Hop 6-10 Daniel Broxton
Monday 5:00 PM Lyrical 6-10 Jairus Carr
Monday 6:30 PM Acro L3 9+ Danielle Loredo
Monday 6:30 PM Contemporary 9-11 Jairus Carr
Monday 7:30 PM Contemporary High Int 11+ Nikki Blankenship
Monday 7:30 PM Hip Hop Beg/Int 9-11 Daniel Broxton
Tuesday 4:00 PM Acro L1/2 6-8 Jairus Carr
Tuesday 5:00 PM Acro L3/4 10+ Kristin Nicolaisen
Tuesday 6:00 PM Hip Hop Adv 12+ Dereke Thompson
Tuesday 7:00 PM Hip Hop Beg/Int none Dereke Thompson
Tuesday 6:00 PM Lyrical Beg/Int none Nikki Blankenship
Tuesday 7:00 PM Tap L2 11+ Dre Torres
Tuesday 5:00 PM Hip Hop 6-9 Dereke Thompson
Wednesday 4:00 PM Acro 6-10 Jairus Carr
Wednesday 4:00 PM Acro L2/3 9+ Kristin Nicolaisen
Wednesday 4:00 PM Contemporary Beg 9-11 Nikki Blankenship
Wednesday 4:00 PM Tap L2 7-10 Kelsy Leyendecker
Wednesday 5:00 PM Contemporary Hi Int 7-10 Kristin Nicolaisen
Wednesday 7:00 PM Jazz L3/4 11+ Nikki Blankenship
Wednesday 8:30 PM Ballroom 10+ Mark Moy
Thursday 4:00 PM Acro 6-10 Kristin Nicolaisen
Thursday 4:00 PM Tap/Jazz L1 6-8 Haley Sikes
Thursday 4:30 PM Ballet/Jazz 6-8 Kate McCann
Thursday 5:00 PM Acro L3/4 10+ Kristin Nicolaisen
Thursday 5:00 PM Broadway Jazz 6-10 Ashley Rothwell
Thursday 6:00 PM Tap L2 12+ Kelsy Leyendecker
Thursday 7:00 PM Jazz L2 9-11 Kelsy Leyendecker
Thursday 5:00 PM Tap L1/2 9-11 Haley Sikes
Saturday 11:00 AM Ballet/Jazz L1 6-8 Courtney Edgerton
Monday 6:00 PM Jr PUSH Tap/HH 7-12 Dre Torres
Wednesday 6:30 PM Preteen 1 & 2 Preteen  Nikki Blankenship
Wednesday 7:00 PM Flames 9-11 Kelsy Leyendecker
Wednesday 8:00 PM Blaze 12+ Kelsy Leyendecker
Wednesday 8:30 PM Push Guided Improv Senior Kristin Nicolaisen
Thursday 7:00 PM UGK 9-18 Haley Sikes
Tuesday 8:00 PM Tap Teen Beg 12+ Dre Torres