Please read the studio withdraw policies and sign below:


-If request is not received at least 7 days before the 1st of the month, then the normal tuition draft will be processed without a refund.

-No prorated tuition refunds will be issued if choosing to withdraw prior to the end of the month.

-No refund for any performance or studio fees (including costume fees) will be processed for any reason whatsoever. If a costume has not been received, then it will be available for pickup upon arrival.

I am choosing to withdraw my dancer from Balance Dance Studios. I agree to pay any remaining balance on my account before fully withdrawing. If I have not paid the account balance after the last class, I give permission to Balance Dance Studios to charge the balance without preapproval as stated in my registration agreement. I acknowledge that if for some reason, the balance is uncollectible, it will be sent to a third party collection agency with additional penalty fees. I have read and fully understand this form and agree to all of Balance Dance Studios withdraw policies.