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Dancers and Dreamers

(Ages 2-5)

Dancer and Dreamer Dance Class Pricing

Balance Dance Studio has flexible pricing based upon how many hours per month your dreamer is attending. Ask about eligibility for our scholarship program.

Registration Fees and Discounts

Fee TypeAmount
Registration Fee (1 Dancer)$50
Sibling Registration Fee$10
Sibling Tuition Discount5%
Tuition Paid In Full5%
Recital Costume Fee$65-$75
Single/Family Recital Performance Fee$50/$80

Have Questions?

We are here for you! Call us at 512.215.8727 between 9-9 Mon-Thu, 9:30-4 Fri, 9-3 Sat

Tuition Rates

Weekly HoursMonthly RateWeekly HoursMonthly RateWeekly HoursMonthly Rate
45m- 1hr$753h$1925h$278