Purpose: Bestow Balance is a non-profit organization partnered with Balance Dance Studios to provide scholarships to talented dancers, singers and actors in the Austin area. The scholarships are used to aid students in their personal training (tuition), required attire and competition/performance fees.

Funding: Funding is provided through various fundraisers administered by the parents of the scholarship recipients, and various other generous contributors who believe that every child should have the opportunity to gain an education in the arts at Balance Dance Studios.

Origins: Balance Dance Studios’ Owner, Kathy Dupuy, discovered a need for a tuition assistance program soon after the studios’ inception. She researched options and personally invested $4,000 to create Bestow Balance as a non profit in order to facilitate a tax free option for donors to contribute and/or sponsor individuals who are approved for the Bestow Balance scholarship program. Bestow Balance is truly a project that is devised from the heart of its organizers and volunteers!

Bestow Balance Acceptance: Acceptance is granted based on a student’s excellent leadership, character, initiative, work ethic and representation of the studio’s culture. Not only do we expect these students to show the best work ethic and character in class, in the hallways, and when representing Balance Dance Studios, but we also expect them to

How Bestow Balance compares to Achieve:
Bestow Balance funding will be completely separate from the work trade program.
The work trade program is Balance Dance Studios’ in house program created as a means to help parents and students offset some of the funds needed to afford a dance/arts education.
Bestow Balance is a non profit scholarship program. Scholarships will be based on parental involvement in the multiple fundraising events offered throughout the year. This includes, but is not limited to, Boots and Bling (Fall), Amplify Austin (Spring), and our Raffle (Summer).

Distribution of Funds:
The following schedule illustrates event dates with corresponding scholarship distribution:
Summer Raffle- June/July – Fall Semester (August 19 – October 31, 2019)
Boots and Bling October 2019 – Fall/Spring Semester (November 1, 2019 – May, 2020)
Scholarship amounts will be deposited monthly into recipients’ BDS account. Recipients will be able to use those funds at their own discretion for tuition, required attire, conventions, or competitions. Funds cannot be withdrawn for cash or transferred to another family’s/dancer’s account. If tuition is not paid before the 1st of the month then funding is automatically assigned to tuition by the system.

Bestow Balance Application

Application Deadline: April 15th (applications received after this date will not be considered)

Additional Students - If you are seeking financial assistance for more than one dancer, please list the names, dates of birth and hours of class for each student below

NOTE: The following documents must be provided via email to info@balancedancestudios.com or to the front desk or Bestow representative before your application can be considered: 1. 2018 1040 tax return (pages 1 & 2) 2. Last two paycheck stubs (for those on the tax return) 3. Last month’s bank statement