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1234 Test

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INTERN APPLICANTS ONLY: EMAIL DANI DIRECTLY FOR ADDITIONAL APPLICATION QUESTIONS AND TO SET UP AN INTERVIEW (info@balancedancestudios.com) with Subject ATTN Dani RE: Ambassador Intern *only emails from students will be accepted. Parents cannot email on behalf of their dancer but may be CC’d on the email. *


List three (non-family) references (ex. teacher, employer, youth leader, etc)- Name phone number, email.

Video Interview Questions

1. Favorite animal and why
2. Describe yourself in 1 word
3. Favorite dance style
4. Why do you want to become a BDS Ambassador/Student Leader and why should you be chosen?
5. What is your favorite part of the BDS culture and why? How will you contribute to the culture?
6. How do you plan to be a good role model and leader at BDS? What actions will you take to implement this if you are chosen?

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