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Not just dance....empowering balance in your mind, body and soul one step at a time.


Mind/ Each week, there will be an inspirational reading to stimulate brain exercise. Younger kids will enjoy a reading, teaching something valuable about various topics from dancers their age around the world, such as short stories about working together and being a part of a team. Adults may be inspired by strategies for balancing life's challenges or tips on how to use dance as a way to find focus every day. These little snippets will be used to provide reinforcement for personal growth.

Body/ While dancing takes full concentration from your mind and connects with your soul, your body is the most integral piece in creating this remarkable art. We encourage all dancers to take pride in and respect their bodies. We focus on a healthy body and are intentional about creating a place where positive selfesteem is fostered. We also strongly believe in the value of good nutrition. Food is the fuel which enables our bodies to perform and the quality of fuel will determine how well one performs. We have nutritious snacks available, along with healthy beverages so you can grab a little something before or after class.

Soul/ Every class begins with a moment of gratitude to center yourself and be thankful for the opportunity to dance and to share the art with others. Our mission also involves helping to strengthen the soul by encouraging strong relationships. Teachers build relationships and an environment where students champion each other while our waiting area offers a comfortable place to chat with your friends or take a phone call with someone you need to reach out to. You can spend one on one time with your dancer's sibling in the fabulous outdoor play area or sit inside, curl up with your child, and read books.


  • Full array of adult dance/fitness classes held at the same time as youth sessions
  • Coffee bar with healthy snack options
  • Relaxation area equipped with comfortable sofas, tables and chairs with adjacent play area for siblings (fun interactive dance videos for kids, drawing tables with paper and crayons, puzzles, Wii video gaming area, books and games).
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi for laptops or iPads with plenty of accessible electrical outlets
  • Televisions in viewing area for parents to watch lessons verses standing in front of an observation window with many other parents vying for a good spot
  • Webcam available via secure login to enable parents or grandparents to watch online
  • In-studio boutique offering quality, affordable dance clothing and accessories
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