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Balance Dance Studios is proud to present 2 winter show productions in 2020!

Dress Rehearsal

December 10th | 5p-8:30p | Life Austin

Show Day

December 11th  | 7p | Life Austin

*More specific call times will be communicated and posted here as show day approaches.

Dress Rehearsal

December 12th | 4p-6p | Life Austin

Show Day

December 12th  | 7p-8p | Life Austin

Beauty and the Beast Participating Class Details

Beauty & the Beast Dress Rehearsal & Show Call Times & Details

Beauty & the Beast Details for Show Day
12/12 Dress Rehearsal at Life Austin
Please ensure your dancer arrives with hair and make-up done (if desired) and in full costume. Check-in times are as follows:
  • 7yr+ check-in at 4 pm: dancers will stay at Life Austin until showtime is at 7 pm, so please make sure they have a packed lunch (no nuts) and plenty of water.
  • Broadway Babies dress rehearsal 5:30 pm-6 pm: dancers will then CHECK OUT and watch the first act in the audience. Please check in immediately as soon as intermission starts.
  • Fairytale Ballet and Prima Ballerina– Dress rehearsal 5:30 pm-6 pm: dancers will then make their way backstage. They will be checked out immediately as soon as intermission starts.
Additional Information
The stage we are performing on this year is outside; dancers will be inside the dressing room for the majority of the evening, but we ask that our dancers are prepared for cooler temperatures on stage:
  • Bring a coat to wear during the dress rehearsal.
  • Wear layers under your costume, such as a nude color leotard and tan tights. Please ensure the layers cannot be seen under your costume.

Health and Safety

Our staff will be monitoring students throughout the day, and we ask that you speak with your dancer regarding safe practices for the day.

  • All students 10yr+ must wear a mask while backstage in the dressing rooms.
  • When ready to go on stage, students are welcome to remove their mask in the outside area if their dance is appropriately spaced. If dancers would like to wear a mask on stage, we will provide a plain white mask on the day. Please ensure that your dancer has a brown paper bag or zip lock bag to place their mask in.
  • Upon check-in, students will have their temperature taken and asked to sanitize their hands.
  • When eating, students must eat in the designated outside area.

The Nutcracker’s Class Details


Tickets– Each dancer performing in the winter show will receive up to four complimentary tickets to the performance (up to 6 tickets for families with more than 1 dancer performing). You must reserve your complimentary tickets (see below)! Additional tickets are available for purchase below or at the door. Please see below for a breakdown of the ticketing process/types of tickets to choose to reserve your complimentary and purchase additional tickets.

NOTE: We are taking extra steps to ensure the safest environment for seating and we will be assigning seat groups based on the order in which you tickets have been purchased/reserved. You may add more than one ticket type to your order before checkout so that your tickets are seated together. 

Families with performers in The Nutcracker

Families with performers in Beauty & the Beast 

Families without performers in either Beauty & the Beast or The Nutcracker


DEADLINE for Winter Show ads: November 20th, 2020

Promote your business or congratulate your dancer with an ad in the 2020 winter show program. Program advertising is a smart way for your business to spread your message or for you to express how proud you are of your dancer’s hard work and dedication this season. Students love the encouragement and recognition they receive from having their picture and a special message written for them.