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Parent Support Jobs - Read the parent jobs descriptions below and choose your top three preferences.

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Push Parent Support Jobs

One parent per team member is asked to commit 5 hours per semester toward helping with their child’s dance team/division. Each team will have one of each of these jobs assigned to a mom, dependent on how large the team is some moms will team double up.

This job is for the parents who can help the kiddos hit the stage with a bodacious look, whether cute as buttons, rocking that swag or looking fierce. These parents have an eye for detail and don’t mind a little fabric glue. Some of the tasks for this category may include, but are not limited to: rhine-stoning, sewing straps, making hair pieces and/or other accessories, helping with alterations, dyeing fabric, or specialty makeup/face paint. Let us know if you would like to help with any or all of these and if there is anything specific you feel you could offer and could be of value that is not mentioned here.

This parent job is geared for the parent who is great at capturing the moments of dance on “film”. She will be responsible to take photos at the event she is signed up for and upload the photos on dropbox for other parents and staff to access. Parents can sign up to help with: candids/classes (like post recital shots in rehearsals), formal events (ex. Push banquet), the Ovation show, competitions/conventions, or as a picture day assistant.

Spirit/Social Mom
This job is great for the social butterfly. She will help coordinate outings to help their team bond, both for the parents and dancers. When close to competition time spirit sticks can be made or anything similar, to help show not just their personal team but the whole team their support.

Big/Little Brother/Sister Coordinator
This job entails helping the kids keep top of mind awareness for another on their team by being a mentor (older kids) and encourager. Some of the ways in which this will happen are generating monthly activities that can be done with/for their team brother/sister and keeping it fresh and fun! This may also involve helping to facilitate the announcement ceremony (part of the Push retreat in August) and get pictures of the pairs together, record the matches, and post on the Push bulletin board as a reminder, as well as reminders about cards or gifts during competition season, acknowledging birthdays, etc.

Teacher appreciation
We want to recognize our Push directors and instructors on special occasions like their birthdays, Christmas, Ovation show, recital, end of year banquet, etc. This job is great for parents who love to help in organizing and executing tokens of appreciations like homemade cards, gift cards or any special ways of recognizing our faculty who continually pour into these dancers.

This job category is for mamas who have some competition experience and can help the kids be comfortable and feel super prepared at competitions/conventions. Some of the tasks for this category may include but are not limited to: helping with hair/ make up, uniform/costume check, bringing healthy, non-messy snacks/drinks, having crafts or games to pass the time for younger ones, helping dancers stay organized in the dressing room, or being sure the dressing room is left picked up at the end of the night. Let us know if you would like to help with any or all of these and if there is anything specific you feel you could offer and could be of value that is not mentioned here.

Team Parent
The PUSH Team Parent (PTP) serves as a critical (magical) liaison between the company director, teacher and other parents. After the director, the PTP is the second source of information for parents or guardians of their group. Responsibilities are often shared with the Company Director and may include the following:
-Coordinating team parties, meetings, gifts, and parent volunteers
-Planning outside activities such as end of season parties and team building
-Organizing competition swag bags or teacher gifts
-Communicating (via email, text or social media) all company news, events, costuming information, preparations, parties, birthdays and practices.
Welcoming new members with a brief orientation to the group and virtually holding their hand as new parents become acclimated to the family.
Other Tasks:
As the go-to parent of the group, the PTP will be asked to communicate with PUSH instructors regarding schedules, upcoming events and costuming information. They will receive a monthly/quarterly email or hold a personal meeting detailing all important news and events. The PTP will then distribute information to other parents as needed.

The PTP will maintain a contact list of all parents with their preferred type of communication, whether it be text, email or social media. They will also have a contact list detailing volunteer opportunities from each PUSH Team Parent.

Social Media can include, but is not limited to, a Facebook group for each corresponding PUSH division. This is a great tool to use to instantly communicate schedules and important details. Keep in mind, however, that not all parents use Facebook so please also copy other parents in an email or text message.
The PTP will organize parent volunteers for events such as transportation, recitals (such as backstage parents, makeup assistance and/or costuming help) and parties or other events.