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Financial Qualification Application for Summer/Fall 2020

Application Deadline: June 5th (applications received after this date may not be considered)

Options for financial assistance:

1. Work-trade

Work-trade will be awarded based on a student’s excellent leadership, character, initiative, and work ethic. Not only do we expect these students to show the best work ethic and character in class, in the hallways, and when representing Balance Dance Studios, but we also expect them to actively be setting goals and working to meet them. We have a limited number of work trade positions available. We will have interviews to fill these positions. If your dancer is offered a position as an in class assistant there will be additional required training.
These are year-long, weekly commitments.

All dancers accepted into the work-trade program will be eligible to work up to a certain amount of hours that can be applied to their account to reduce the monthly tuition. You will only receive a discount equivalent to the hours worked the previous month.

2. Bestow Balance
Bestow Balance is a non-profit organization partnered with Balance Dance Studios to provide scholarships to talented dancers, singers and actors in the Austin area. The scholarships are used to aid students in their personal training (tuition), required attire and competition/performance fees.

Bestow Balance funding is completely separate from work trade. Bestow Balance is a non profit, available to financially help parents in need. Funds distribution is based on parental involvement in the multiple fundraising events offered throughout the year. This includes, but is not limited to, Boots and Bling (Fall), Amplify Austin and Golf Tournament(Spring), and our Raffle (Summer).

Funds will be deposited monthly, following the fundraising events, into recipients’ BDS account, for that next tuition period. Recipients will be able to use those funds at their own discretion for tuition, required attire, conventions, or competitions. Funds cannot be withdrawn for cash or transferred to another family’s/dancer’s account.

Events will be organized by parent elected organizers, who meet at least monthly, who report to the Bestow Board of Directors, at least quarterly. Parents must be pre-qualified as needing financial assistance by completing the application and being approved, and they can then choose to participate in as few or as many of the Bestow fundraising events as desired.

Should Bestow recipient withdraw from a Balance Dance Studios company, any remaining earned funds will be revoked and reallocated.


Work Trade/ Bestow Balance Criteria:

  • All applications and decisions must be held in confidence; do not discuss your individual arrangement with other students/parents.
  • All applications will be reviewed by a board and not one single entity. Acceptance is granted based on financial need, account history, attitude, and behavior while at the studio and in classes.
  • All applications will be re-reviewed each semester while considering attendance, behavior, attitude from previous semesters. We will make a decision by December 1st if you have become ineligible and will email you.
  • Financial documents will be due at the time you turn in the application.
  • Class attendance must be exemplary. We expect that students receiving financial assistance must attend class every week and every effort be made not to miss class. If an absence is necessary (in case of emergency), the student is expected to send an email to of the absence or it will be counted as an unexcused absence. Each student is allowed 2 of these per semester.
  • All members of the family must agree to not speak negatively about Balance Dance Studios or any of the financial assistance programs. If an issue arises, it must be handled in the appropriate channels.
  • Work Trade: One hour of student work is equivalent to minimum wage ($7.75), unless otherwise specified. Parent job rates will be determined based upon the nature of the work and past work experience.
  • Work trade only:
    • Ages 11+ (unless a parent chooses to apply for a work-trade position on behalf of their student)
    • Only dancers who have attended Balance for at least a year will be eligible for work trade.
    • Parents of work trade students will inform BDS if financial status changes during the dance season and financial assistance is no longer needed. We will need a 15 day notice.
  • Bestow Balance only:
    • Bestow Balance is a parent-run organization.
    • Parents must actively participate in fundraising efforts in order to recieve funding.
    • If a parent does not participate in fundraising, they will not be granted funding from fundraisers.

Attendance Requirements:

If you are unable to dance due to injury or a non-contagious illness, you are still asked to observe your classes and take notes. If contagious, an email must be sent to before your absence to ensure the absence is not marked as a “no show”. Each student is allowed 2 unexcused absences per semester. Unexcused absences include not letting BDS know ahead of time that you will miss class. Examples of excused absences are being sick, family emergency, school performance or event, etc.
Excessive absences or failure to perform duties associated with your position will terminate your financial assistance status and any assistance provided.

Financial Obligations:
You are responsible for all hard costs (costumes, guest teacher fees, competitions, third-party workshops, etc).
A class cannot “make” if the majority are work trade students, as this is not financially feasible. Instead, a class must have at least 5 full-paying students enrolled.
All payments must be made early or on time. Failure to do so will terminate your financial assistance status and any assistance provided.
For the summer session, fees will be due at the time of enrollment. .

  • Abbreviated financial policies:
    Payment on the 15th or other payment dates: we can no longer offer alternative payment dates. All tuition will be due on the 1st of the month. If you need to pay on the 15th of the month, then please load your account on the 15th of the month prior to the tuition draft, as charges will be drafted on the 1st of the month for all students.
  • Payment plans: we can no longer offer payment plans for past due or any outstanding balances. It is your responsibility to know if your account is past due, or if your fees did not process, by logging onto your online portal.
  • Show, performance, and misc fees: in regard to show and performance fees, these will be processed on the due date so please make sure that you familiarize yourself with these deadlines, as fees will be charged as communicated through various physical and digital means.
  • Late fees: if an auto-charge unsuccessfully goes through, you will be responsible for any late fees, if applicable, and updating your payment information via the online portal to your account so that it will go through. No late fees will be waived. If your account is 30 or more days past due for any fees or charges, your dancer will be unable to attend and un-enrolled from classes, both company and recreational. There will then be a $50 re-enrollment fee to get your dancer reinstated for classes. In this scenario, company directors will be informed of students who have been dropped.
  • Check Payments: if you pay by check, you must have a credit card on file. You account will be set to YES autopay and, if your check is not received the last business day of the month during business hours, your card will be charged for tuition owed with the 3% third party processor fee.
  • “NO” auto pays: if for any reason, your account is set to no autopay, all the policies above are still in effect and penalty fees will still be added to the account. BDS is not responsible for fees and tuition left uncharged due to “no” autopay settings. BDS will not manually process any accounts set to autopay, so please be sure to continually check your account t ensure there are no outstanding charges.

Financial Assistance Program Application

Application Deadline: June 5th (applications received after this date may not be considered)

Additional Students - If you are seeking financial assistance for more than one dancer, please list the names, dates of birth and hours of class for each student below

NOTE: The following documents must be provided via email to or to the front desk or Bestow representative before your application can be considered: 1. 2018 1040 tax return (pages 1 & 2) 2. Last two paycheck stubs (for those on the tax return) 3. Last month’s bank statement