Balance in the Community

Inspiration – Students at Balance Dance Studios will have the opportunity to performance around the community, sharing the talent and passion of many beautiful dancers. For example. we will be hosting the Aspire Convention a fresh and exciting convention produced by ASPVA to kick off the summer.  We will be Celebrating National Dance Day with Reverence Dance Project, working to get the city of Austin out and on their feet!

Giving Back – Balance Dance Studios gives a portion of revenue to charities around the Austin area and also offers  off campus credit for our students as well as scholarships, internships, competitive training, teacher training and team training traveling options.

Collaboration– The goal of Balance Dance Studios is sharing our love of dance with everyone. We are thrilled to be connected so many dance programs around the city, state, country, and yes… the world.

Outreach– Because giving back is such an integral part of Balance Dance Studios, we have developed a program to motivate our students and staff to connect with those less fortunate. We offer “Balance Bucks” to students who demonstrate this core value and perform “good dance deeds” in the community.