Balance in Our Relationships

Team Work – Being a member of a group dance class is a perfect way to learn team work. Dancers experience how to learn together, move together, and groove together!  All dancers in the ensemble are imperative to every formation, just as their collective timing is to their delivery. Students quickly begin to intuitively learn how to work in sync with each other and thrive off of the energy from one another.

Support System – Balance Dance Studios is home to a family oriented faculty who create a loving and encouraging environment where students of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances can feel supported, safe, confident, and empowered.

Trust – Dance lessons teach trust through the relationships we form with our teachers and fellow students. Performance art takes courage. At Balance Dance Studios we cultivate trustworthy foundations which impact each dancer and invites them to trust and be trusted, to allow themselves to be vulnerable and in return be open minded and accepting of others.

Reliability – Balance Dance Studios provides unparalleled dance instruction in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. We set an example of consistency which influences dancers to also be rely on themselves and be reliable for their class and team mates.

Appreciation– At Balance Dance Studios we never forget how fortunate we all are each day we have the opportunity to live and  breathe and… DANCE.  At the beginning of each class, we take a moment to appreciate our world, our bodies, and our ability to enjoy and celebrate them.

Commitment – Balance Dance Studios makings a commitment to each individual to provide the best dance instruction in the most inviting atmosphere in the city.  We are committed to your comfort, to guiding healthy exercise, to encouraging artistic exploration, to promoting athletic persistence, to facilitating good study skills and time management, and to creating a home away from home to learn, work and play.