Balance in Our Families

Less Stress –Every family could use some stress reduction. At Balance Dance Studios, we try to make life’s priorities a little less stressful for at least an hour at a time while we have the privilege to serve your family. There are so many options available to help families achieve more balance and we have purposefully designed our amenities to reflect that goal.

Family events – With bringing families together as a high priority at Balance Dance Studios, we offer monthly parent’s nights out with child/parent dance class and extra parent time for dinner or coffee while we have a fun night with your children.

Array of Classes – While we offer a full array of classes for children  we also offer a full schedule of adult dance/workout classes to help with balance for all members of the family.

Study area – We understand that not all members of the family dance at the same time or dance at all and often there are school age siblings in tow. We offer a wonderful study area for students to work on homework, read or simply study.