We are thrilled to present our 2018 spring ballet showcase on May 19th, 2018, at 2:00PM at LifeAustin (8901 W Hwy 71 Austin, TX 78735)

Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, May 17th, 5-9pm – CALL TIME is 4:30pm for Act 1 at LifeAustin

Dancers’ Call Times: 30 minutes prior to rehearsal times below 

Full hair, makeup and costume required. 


 All SOLOIST dancers and actors, as well as “FRIENDS”, should be prepared to be involved in the entire dress rehearsal

 -Younger dancers can leave as soon as they have rehearsed their dance and been dismissed

 5:00-6:00pm Start w/ Wheat Harvesters from Act 3 (Mon L1 4pm class)
Run Act 1 (in order)
– Opening
– Mazurka (Mon L2 4pm class & Tues L2 4pm class)
– Soloists & Friends
– Wheat Gatherers & Friends (Mon L2 5pm class)
– Czardas (Mon L3 5pm class)
– End of Act 1

 6:00-7:30pm Start w/ Military Dolls (Wed Bitties 4pm class)

Run Act 2 (in order)
– Soloists & Friends
– Chinese Dolls (Tues L1 4pm class & Wed L1 5pm class)

 7:30-8:30pm Run Act 3 (in order w/out Wheat Harvesters)

– Soloists & Friends
– Maids in Waiting and Cavalier (Tues L3/4 5pm class)
– Wheat Gatherers (Thurs L4 5pm class)
– Finale

8:30-9:00pm All soloists and “Friends” stay for corrections and bows



Recital Day – SATURDAY, MAY 19th 2:00PM CALL TIME IS 1:00PM

Drop off: 

Parents will check in dancers at the Patton Theater (our dressing room) and can reserve a seat in the auditorium when doors open at 1:40pm. (PLEASE NOTE: VIP MEMBERS WILL HAVE ACCESS TO ENTER AT 1:35pm).

Dancers must arrive in full costume and makeup ready to perform. 

All dancers should wear base, mascara, eyeliner, neutral eye shadow and medium pink or red lipstick (NO DARK LIPSTICK)
Hair bun: follow jawline past back of ear to find crown of head. No buns on top of the head please!

Other important details:

 NOTE: The BDS office closes at 12:00PM tomorrow and will be closed all day on Saturday, May 19th for recital.

  • Four tickets are provided as part of your recital fee (6 if you have more than 1 dancer performing in recital). Extra tickets are $10 each. Online ticket sales have ended, however, you may still purchase tickets in person at the front desk until tomorrow, May 18th at 12:00PM and at the door for $12. Any unclaimed tickets will be available at will call in the lobby the day of the show. 
  • Please be sure to purchase any recital related shoes or tights prior to Friday at noon.
  • Flowers will be available to purchase in the lobby at LifeAustin on show day.
  • A DVD of the Coppelia production will be available for pre-purchase in the lobby at LifeAustin on show day.

 Pick Up : 

  • Dancers will ONLY be available for pick-up at the end of the ballet.
  • Please do NOT go backstage or into the dressing rooms before or during the show.
  • All dancers should stay in the dressing rooms until the end of the show. They should not go into the audience at any time.

 **Additional Notes

  • If you need to leave the auditorium for any reason during the show, please use one of the back two exits, and exit between dance numbers, to keep disruption at a minimum!
  • Let friends and family know to arrive 30-45 minutes before the show, in order to get their tickets from will-call and be there to get a seat when the doors open.We will have concessions and some retail items available for purchase, before and after the show, as well as during intermission, so bring cash for purchases!